Efficiency Audits

Efficiency Audits

Energy auditing services show customers where they can save the most money on energy expenses. DAE’s audit program saves between 10-40% of the annual energy expenses for most businesses, and typically has a payback of less than 2 years. An energy audit from DAE analyzes your current energy use and provides recommendations on energy savings and efficiency.

Energy Audit Process:

Step 1: Survey and review of energy bills

Complete our short survey.

Step 2: Energy bill submittal

Submit all energy bills for the past 12 months, excluding water.

Step 3: Preliminary site visit

DAE will arrange a visit to view the facility. This site visit is to acquire an overview of the building’s use.

Step 4: Proposal

DAE will prepare a proposal for the approval of the authorizing officer of the organization. The proposal includes a summary of the audit work to be completed and pricing information. Once signed, the proposal is a binding contract. Partial payment (the terms of which are disclosed in the proposal) is due upon signing of the proposal. It is useful if building plans (footprint, electrical and mechanical schedules) are made available to Design-Aire Engineering, Inc. at this time.

Step 5: Secondary site visit

DAE’s audit team completes a thorough secondary site visit and energy interview. The team will complete a full equipment inventory, including all major energy-consuming equipment and lighting, and take photographs of the building. DAE follows all safety and security requirements and can be escorted, if necessary.

Step 6: Information analysis

The information obtained from the energy bills, energy interview, and site visit is compiled by our staff of professional engineers for analysis.

Step 7: Publish report

Recommendations for energy conservation measures, including an overall summary and explanations of each measure with graphs, charts and tables, are presented in a clear, concise format for review. The client is provided with two copies of the report. An additional copy may be furnished to state government, if required.

Step 8: Review with client

A member of the DAE audit team reviews the report with the authorizing officer, either in person or by conference call, to discuss the recommended measures and answer any questions.

Step 9: One-year energy partnership

DAE is available to the organization for a full year following the audit process to address energy-related questions or concerns.

View a list of equipment typically evaluated in an audit.