Net Zero Water Plumbing Upgrade

ReNEWW House – Purdue University

Net Zero Water

ReNEWW House – West Lafayette, IN

Net Zero Water Plumbing Upgrade

DAE designed water and waste water storage and distribution system for Purdue University home project in West Lafayette, Indiana.

PU wanted to install a net zero water plumbing system to eliminate potable water use via recovering rainwater and reusing waste water.

DAE design included an underground storage tanks to collect rainwater for potable water use (ex. drinking water) and grey water for non-potable water use (ex. toilets).  The plumbing design includes pumps and connecting piping to collect and distribute water and wastewater to various points in the home.

Whirlpool wants to use Purdue House to showcase “Net Zero” water homes with low water appliances and plumbing fixtures are viable on a mass scale.

Whirlpool requested DAE work with Purdue University students on architectural design and provide construction management during installation to ensure equipment and installation meets Whirlpool expectations and project does not exceed budget.

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