Meyer Najem

Meyer Najem - Headquarters

Meyer Najem – Headquarters

Meyer Najem Headquarters – EPACT

DAE certified Meyer Najem is eligible for a $75,571 EPACT tax deduction for the energy efficient interior lighting, HVAC and building envelope systems at their new 41,984 square foot facility.

Meyer Najem new headquarters uses light emitting diode (LED) light fixtures with occupancy sensors, roof-top units (12 EER) with variable air volume (VAV) boxes, 2″ wall and 3″ roof board insulation.

DAE provided an all documents (consultants letter of project overview, certification, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documentation, building simulation and lighting specifications necessary for Meyer Najem to claim the EPACT tax deduction.

The EPACT tax deduction reduced Meyer Najem’s project cost and the energy efficiency improvements reduced their energy and maintenance costs.

State Farm Insurance

Built in 1961, this 262,000 sq. ft. office and data processing complex needed a new cooling system.  After consultation, DAE determined the most cost-effective option was to install three 275-ton chillers.