Daviess County

Cross Dock – Daviess County

DAE designed lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for Daviess County warehouse facility in Washington, Indiana.

Daviess County wanted to install energy efficient lighting, HVAC and building envelope systems at their new maintenance and warehouse facility.  Daviess County wanted a lighting level of at least 35 foot-candles and uniform space (heating) temperatures.

DAE recommeded (74) T5 fluorescent (6 lamp) lighting and (1) 1,250 MBtuh air rotation unit to illuminate and provide space heating.  DAE design will provide light levels of 40 foot-candles with a +/-2 F temperature difference between floor and ceiling.  ARU use high velocity fans to circulate stratified air at the ceiling back to the floor and thereby recovering heat from lighting.  The air rotation unit fans will also provide free cooling in the spring and fall.

Daviess County requested DAE provided construction management during equipment installation.

Daviess County requested DAE provide construction management during equipment installation.

Daviess County new HVAC system will reduce heating costs by 15% and reduce cooling costs by 10% compared to standard efficiency air-conditioning units.

DuPont DeNemours & Company

Design-Aire Engineering was responsible for HVAC renovation and detailed cost estimate of this 100% outside air ventilated quality control laboratory.

Wavetek, Inc.

At this industrial facility, design of the HVAC and exhaust was completed for the production plating and Class 1,000 clean room.  Due to the depth of the plating tanks, the design required a unique push-pull exhaust technique to contain acid and caustic fumes.

Naval Avionics Center

Mechanical design of a Class 100 clean room, providing an ultra-clean air environment required for photographic processing.  This project involved the interface with existing utilities and production schedules while meeting tight budget limitations.

Merico Oil

Design-Aire Engineering has completed several projects at Citizens Gas & Coke.  This includes mechanical design for renovation to the dust collection system, hot water heater design, an acoustical study and solution to hopper house sound problem.

Aluminum Finishing Corporation

DAE assisted the owner in obtaining VOC discharge permit through the Environmental Protection Agency for an industrial painting operation.  Emissions were reduced, from in excess of 25 tons VOC’s per year to approaching zero, by application of a recuperative thermal oxidizer designed by DAE