REI Real Estate Services

This project replaced one of two primary 339 ton air-cooled chillers with a 30 ton modular chiller system (310 ton total). The modular system included a direct digital control system that allowed chilled water reset via a Johnson Controls EMS.  This chiller did not require a crane or helicopter for installation, reducing the project cost. The total project cost is $690,351 with an energy savings of over $35,000/year.  Approximate payback time is 19.5 years.

State Farm Insurance

Built in 1961, this 262,000 sq. ft. office and data processing complex needed a new cooling system.  After consultation, DAE determined the most cost-effective option was to install three 275-ton chillers.

Veterans Administration Hospital

This project provided an additional 2,400 tons of cooling to the existing chilled water plant that included two 1,000 ton, 4460 volt chillers and replacement of chiller and cooling tower pumps. Also included were modifications to the existing controls sequence to optimize chiller operation.